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Dorper Sheep

We purchased four Dorper ewes and a ram back in 2007 and have built our flock from there.  Our original reason was organics.  They would be rotated around the paddocks with the cattle.  We chose Dorpers because they are a bred specifically for their meat. They are hardy and do well in our climate and they naturally shed their wool.  No mulesing and our sheep never have their tails docked.  Lambing time on the farm is wonderful.  We protect our flock from predators usually foxes, with Alpacas, they are wonderful guards.

Our sheep are only fed from our property.  They are grass fed year round and supplemented with organic hay grown on our farm.  

At Finmaw we use only natural methods with minimal interference. Our sheep have their lambs out in the paddock and wean naturally out in the paddock too. Our principal is that we only intervene when necessary. So although we are constantly observing them, they live their lives as free and naturally as possible.  A lambing problem or a sick animal is immediately looked after and vetrinenary attention sought if needed.  But most of the time they are happy, healthy and enjoying life.

We are certified organic with NASAA and believe that our health begins with the food consumed.  Growing meat organically is one thing, but there is no regulation unless the grower is certified organic, following strict standards and audited regularly.  So being certified is very important to us and from a consumers point of view, it’s important to buy certified organic to ensure you are getting a truly organic product.

Our aim is to produce healthy meat. Certified Organic, No Chemicals.

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