Red Poll Cattle

At Finmaw Farm we have Red Poll cattle.  They are an older breed originally from England.  Find out the history of Red Poll cattle here.

Red Poll cattle are a dual purpose cattle (meat and milk) originally introduced into Australia as a milking herd.  Nowadays they are more of a meat breed.  As such they have retained the great milker qualities and provide plenty of lovely milk for their calves.  They are a quiet cattle and naturally have no horns.  The cows are great calvers and fantastic mothers.  We purchased only pure, registered stud quality Red Poll cattle to commence our herd back in 2006 and have continued producing quality Red Polls ever since.  We believe in keeping with the breed and not following the trends, otherwise in the future there will be no choice! Our belief in our product is seen in the quality of our meat.  There must be something really positive about the quality of Red Poll meat as Queen Elizabeth, the Royal family and guests regularly consume Red Poll meat grown on the Sandringham estate. We believe it’s so important to keep and improve the diversity of meat in Australia.  Like wine, meat has different flavours.  If we all breed the same or breed only for weight and price, it’s at the price of diversity.  Once the older breeds are lost you can’t get them back!!  Unfortunately there is a fine line for the family farmer to be able to stay viable and this is why a lot of the variety is being lost.

We are certified organic with NASAA and believe that our health begins with the food consumed.  Growing meat organically is one thing, but there is no regulation unless the grower is certified organic, following strict standards and audited regularly.  So being certified is very important to us and from a consumers point of view, it’s important to buy certified organic to ensure you are getting a truly organic product.

Our cattle are fed from our property, grass fed year round and supplemented with hay grown right here on our farm.  At Finmaw we use only natural methods with minimal interference. Our cattle calve out in the paddock and wean naturally out in the paddock. There is no artificial insemination (AI), yep all as nature intended.  Of course we are working on the farm and are around our cattle every day and therefore are constantly observing. We only intervene when necessary.  A calving problem or a sick animal is immediately looked after and vetrinenary attention sought if needed.  But most of the time they are happy, healthy and enjoying life.

Our aim is to produce healthy, tasty meat ethically. Certified Organic, No Chemicals.